Can I bet legally about sports betting now?

These are the most important things about your biggest question about the decision:

Can I bet on a single sports match with an official betting maker in the United States?

Yes, but now only if you are in Nevada. But be patient. That will change quickly. New Jersey hopes to be up and running in a few weeks – potentially in time for the NBA Finals – and many other countries will likely follow.

But isn’t sports betting only legal in the US?

Supreme Court cancels federal ban on state-sponsored sports betting (PASPA). Now it’s up to the states to decide for themselves about this problem, in the same way they choose whether to offer lotteries and other forms of gambling. More than a dozen countries introduced sports betting laws in early 2018. Connecticut, Delaware, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and West Virginia joined New Jersey as the farthest state in the process of passing legislation to regulate sports betting.

What if I live in or go to New Jersey?

You will be able to bet with legal operators in Atlantic City casinos and state racetracks as soon as they are ready to leave. The Monmouth Park racetrack will be opened for business within weeks of the Supreme Court’s decision. Most operators will target the football season to stand and run. Stay here.

I don’t live in Nevada or New Jersey. When can I place a bet on the game?

This will depend on how fast your country, if interested in sports betting, can pass the law. Some states, such as Delaware and Pennsylvania, are ahead of the game with their laws, but even they may be a few months from translating to take legal bets. And if your country hasn’t introduced laws, it can be long enough before this happens for you.

Can I bet online and on my mobile with an official betting maker?

Finally. The majority of countries interested in planning to offer online and / or cellular bets, and industry experts predict that most bets will be placed online in the future. In New Jersey, existing brick-and-mortar locations require time to get software, install applications, and establish procedures for deposits and payments. The process can take months.

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